Ramsey Coote Instruments wins First Place for Poster Presentation at 2013 Innovating Continence Conference

We recently attended the Simon Foundation “Innovating for Continence: The Engineering Challenge, 2013”.  This was held in Chicago and was a mix of healthcare, industry and academic professionals discussing ways to help people with incontinence issues.  Ramsey Coote under the guidance of Dr Esther Apos, see in photo, put together a poster on the interim results of our research project and analysed 150 records.  This poster won first prize.  There were 40 posters in total and the results showed that the bell and pad system had an 87% success rate with an 11% relapse rate.  The research will take an additional 12-18 months to complete and we plan to analyse approximately 3000 records which will provide evidence and education to help children become dry at night.

Click here for the poster.

Ramsey Coote Instruments Bedwetting Information

It is the end of the financial year and we have been busy for the first half of the year with meetings in Brisbane, Sydney, Nambour and Las Vegas (National Kidney Foundation).  It seems that wherever we go there are practitioners really interested in getting information about helping children become dry at night.    You will notice a new name on our Links which is Dr Sue Bettison. Dr Sue has a new book on toilet training for children with autism or intellectual disabilities and this can be accessed at  www.learn2do.net .  Please check it out as it may help you develop your knowledge for helping these special children.

Bedwetting is an issue that is not often spoken about in public so it was terrific to see the article in the June 15th Melbourne Herald Sun that gives parents information that they can get help for their children.  See below if you wish to read the article.

Ramsey Coote Instruments will be attending the American Academy of Pediatrics and will be at stand 1413 so please come and see us if you are there.    If you are parent and not a practitioner then please contact us to find a practitioner that can provide help for your child to get dry at night.

News Update – March

Welcome to Ramsey Coote Instruments

It seems this year is progressing at a fast rate as we are now into the third month and this will another busy year for all of us.  We are going to be attending the following meetings in the next few months and look forward to meeting with our customers.   The first will be in Brisbane and is a Continence Education Forum on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th March, at the Brisbane Technology Park Conference Centre.  If you are interested in attending gives us an email and we can send you the registration forms.   The following week in NSW at Waterview in Homebush, is the Winds of Change Conference for the Council of Children’s Nurses Inc on 24th and 25th March.  We mentioned in the December Newsletter that we will have some posters available targeting adolescents and these will be available for you to see at our trade display.

Ramsey Coote Instruments will be attending the National Kidney Foundation Clinical Conference April 26-30 2011 in Las Vegas, USA. This is our first international conference that we will be attending the trade display so if you are going then please come and see us.  We will have  the Alarm and Bed-pad plus attachments to see how they operate and material to help you with running a bed wetting treatment service.  Please come and see how to work with our products.

If you are parent and not a practitioner then please contact us to find a practitioner that can provide help for your child to get dry at night.

Ramsey Coote Instruments Bedwetting Treatment

Welcome to Ramsey Coote Instruments

We would like to wish all our clients, suppliers and friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  It has been a busy time for us with attendances at the ICS meeting in Toronto, the Continence Foundation Meeting in Alice Springs and a NSW Meeting in Sydney, all in the past few months.  We received some very good news with the FDA listing of the Ramsey Coote Enuresis Alarms which means we can now sell our products into the United States.  Also we have been working on updating and implementing our Quality Management system with some help from our consultant Dr Esther Apos.   It is because of all this work we will be attending the National Kidney Foundation (in USA) Spring Clinical Meeting in Las Vegas next year.  We have new brochures and posters to help our practitioners educate clients about our alarms so please contact us if you would like to have these for your practice.   Ramsey Coote Instruments will be closing over the Christmas period from the December 23rd 2010 to January 10th 2011.  We wish you well for the festive season.