Ramsey Coote Instruments Bedwetting Information

It is the end of the financial year and we have been busy for the first half of the year with meetings in Brisbane, Sydney, Nambour and Las Vegas (National Kidney Foundation).  It seems that wherever we go there are practitioners really interested in getting information about helping children become dry at night.    You will notice a new name on our Links which is Dr Sue Bettison. Dr Sue has a new book on toilet training for children with autism or intellectual disabilities and this can be accessed at  www.learn2do.net .  Please check it out as it may help you develop your knowledge for helping these special children.

Bedwetting is an issue that is not often spoken about in public so it was terrific to see the article in the June 15th Melbourne Herald Sun that gives parents information that they can get help for their children.  See below if you wish to read the article.

Ramsey Coote Instruments will be attending the American Academy of Pediatrics and will be at stand 1413 so please come and see us if you are there.    If you are parent and not a practitioner then please contact us to find a practitioner that can provide help for your child to get dry at night.