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How do I maintain my Ramsey Coote Instrument?

There is a weekly maintenance schedule and tips for both practitioners and parents to follow. Read full answer →

Do Ramsey Coote ship internationally? 

Yes, Ramsey Coote do delivery internationally, for full pricing please visit our product page. Read product page →

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What you can do as a parent?

There are various actions which parents can take to help their child through, and overcome the problem of bed wetting, which include. Read full answer →

Why use a Ramsey Coote Alarm? 

The Ramsey Coote Instruments’ product has as alarm control unit and this is attached to a bed-pad. Read full answer →

What is dry for a child?

It takes three stages to achieve dryness- initial assessment, use of alarm and bed-pad then over learning to prevent relapse. Read full answer →

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