Welcome to a Happy New Year from Ramsey Coote Instruments

Hello to families, customers and those interested in helping children become dry at night.  We are well into 2014 after completing a very busy 2013.  It was a year of achievements for Ramsey Coote Instruments which included the following:

  • Results from the multi-centre audit completed at one site which shows a 76% success rate after a treatment of 6-8 weeks and this went up to over 90% with those that relapsed and had a second treatment.  This audit was partly funded by the Victorian Government Voucher programme for small business that helps pay for research and development.
  • Attended conferences in the USA and Australia discussing with new and potential practitioners of how they can help their families with children become dry at night.
  • Winning First Prize with our Abstract at The Simon Foundation,  “Engineering Challenge Conference”, in Chicago April 2013
  • Congratulations to the following customers who have purchased from us:  Chicago Children’s Hospital, University of Michigan Children’s Hospital,  Bedwetting Solutions (NZ), A Dry Bed,  Royal Children’s Hospital, Adelaide Enuresis Clinic and many more … Thanks again for your support to Ramsey Coote Instruments…

We will be out again this year to conferences and hope to help practitioners in their efforts with children who wish to become dry at night.  We are on the way to developing a pathway to care and will incorporate education into our service once we get further results from the research we are conducting.  We wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2014

from the team at Ramsey Coote Instruments

Ramsey Coote Instruments video on cleaning the bed-pad

We get many requests from practitioners and parents on the best approach to cleaning the bed-pads after each training program, so we have put a short video together to show how it is cleaned. During that time the bed-pad is in use as part of the training program wiping with a cloth nightly is necessary. After the training and when the child has become dry, we find that it is the scrubbing of the bed-pad that cleans it rather than just wiping it with a cloth. It is also important to keep the plug ends out of the solution you are washing it with.

To clean it you can use detergent in water or a cleaner such as 2.8% Benzalkonium Chloride and mix as per instructions eg., 100mL to 5 litres of water. You also need to select a good quality nail brush as shown in the video. After the bed-pad has been cleaned and air dried it can be rolled up with the braid on the outside, wrap the cord around it and put back into its cover.

You can also check this out on the Ramsey Coote Channel on You Tube.
Ramsey Coote Bed-Pad Cleaning