RCI Bell & Pad

Ramsey Coote Instruments manufacture a range of alarm control units and a bed-pad that connects to these units.

The PB model has been designed with features including that of the elapsed timer.  This timer is used to measure the time when the bell starts to ring to when the child switches the bell off.  It shows minutes and seconds and this is recorded in the treatment sheet and can give an evidenced based outcome to the progressive improvement of the child becoming dry.

The PB model also has a cast bell that has a higher frequency sound at a louder volume that stimulates wakening.  It also has “light emitting diodes” (LEDs) in the light strip and these require less energy from the alarm.

The NB model has the high frequency bell and LED light source but doesn’t have the elapsed timer.

The P model is the base model and has the standard bell and LED light source.

All alarm control units come with rechargeable batteries that can be charged once a week during the day along with the charger, a bed-pad and cover, plus Bedwetting: A Manual for Parents.   All our products come with a two year warranty, are made to Australian Standard 2394 and have a Class  1 device classification with the TGA.

Servicing and maintenance:

Parents, practitioners and manufacturers all play a role in the maintenance of the bell and pad alarm system throughout the course to use.

1) Parents weekly service:

The parents have two main roles when it comes to servicing and maintaining the bell and pad alarm system.

  • Charging the alarm’s battery: Once a week the alarm battery is required to be charged by attaching the charger cable to the unit during the day. Ensuring the red On/Off lever is in the up position and the red ‘charging’ light is on will allow the unit to charge correctly.
  • Inspection: An inspection of the unit switch, charger plug and charger pins is mandatory. Also an inspection of the battery charger indicator by ensuring it shines bright red, indicating that charging is occurring.
  • Cleaning the bed pad: A high level of sanitation of the bed pad is mandatory to ensure hygienic equipment, and also to avoid developing odours.

2) Practitioners Inspections and Servicing:

Practitioners are required to conduct various inspections which include:

  • Inspection of the bell control unit: A thorough inspection of the unit is needed to be carried out to determine if the unit has been either damaged or tampered with. A damaged unit is most commonly caused from being dropped or has fallen. Obvious signs of damage may include missing cap on switches or even broken or bent leavers.
  • Inspection of the battery charger: A thorough inspection of the socket, lead, and power plug pins for any damage, as well as any twists, knots, or cuts in the cord need to be recorded, if needed to be sent back for repair.
  • Inspecting the bed pad: An inspection of the bed pad requires specific focus on the wire or braids, as raised or fractured braids (electrodes) may cause discomfort, scarification of the skin, or false alarms through perspiration. Any signed of damage may stop the sensing of wetting.
  • Sanitizing and cleaning the pad: Mixtures of mild domestic disinfectants, such as Pine-O-Clean and dish-washing detergents are commonly used. During sanitation, it is important to avoid wetting the electrical cables of the bed pad. It is recommended that the bed-pad be cleaned and dried between each use.

3)   Manufacturer’s Repairs and Upgrades:

Ramsey Coote Instruments recommends that alarms be returned to us for inspection and maintenance every three to four years. This is to ensure that the alarms meet operating specifications. The components which are most commonly replaced are the:

  • Internal battery: May last up to three years with constant use.
  • Lamp: Life may range from 2 to 4 years.  The newer alarms have LEDs and these should last the life of the alarm.
  • Bell: The bell is inspected as a precautionary measure however it is expected to last the life of the control unit.
  • Pad rubber: Life ranges up to 5 years, depending on usage of the bed-pad.  The bed-pads can be repaired to last longer.



All Ramsey Coote products come with a two year warranty and are made to satisfy requirement of Standards Association in AS2394. The Enuresis Alarm has been registered by the Therapeutic Goods Administration as a Class 1 device.  We have FDA & CE approvals.

Product Pricing

AUD & USA Prices
P model (Including bed-pad and cover) $1,782
NB model (Including bed-pad and cover) $1,958
PB model (Including bed-pad and cover) $2,156
Silent Wakener for hearing impaired children $   220
Remote buzzer $   165
Bedwetting manual for parents $ 11.00 (Inc GST)
Practitioners manual $ 55.00 (Inc GST)