At Ramsey Coote we often get calls from parents and can refer them to practitioners in their local area or someone near them that can help the family so it was pleasing to get some feedback from one of our practitioners ….

Girl 7 years, 8 months.
I contacted Linda through Ramsey Coote. They were very efficient in putting us onto Linda and Linda’s response was professional, timely and courteous. Having previously been told that bed wetting was only cause for concern when the child is 9-10 I hadn’t previously taken any steps. Within 7 days of having the alarm on the bed my daughter had stopped wetting. She’s now been dry since the 7th June 2012. We met with Linda once. She kept in contact for support and my daughter is more confident and very proud of herself. She has slept over at her girlfriends house and is happier for it. I am so happy we didn’t have to wait 6 months to get into the children’s hospital. A fantastic and wonderful service that Linda can offer privately at a very affordable price. Thanks to Linda we are wet free.
” 23rd July 2012

It is great to hear from our clients who we referred to a Practitioner to help get their grandchild dry.


I am the grandmother of a nine year old boy who has suffered a bedwetting problem for many years.  I have seen his parents try many different options in the hope of finding a solution to this demoralizing condition but to no avail.

I would like to express my thanks and relief that his parents found your product which has been just amazing in how quickly, simply and successfully it has cured the problem.

I must admit I was a little sceptical (although very hopeful) when the Ramsey Coote bell and pad alarm was first tried however we are all so thrilled with the positive outcome and also to see the improvement in my gorgeous grandson’s self esteem.”

Nana W

Another quote from a Mother requesting information for a practitioner

I can’t thank you enough for your information. I have successfully got an appointment for my son on Saturday so that he can start the programme. I really appreciate your help. Thanks again”

Follow up after completing the treatment:


“I am so happy to say he is dry. I cannot believe how effective the treatment was.  He was still wetting the first week of the treatment, after that he was dry for 10 days in a row and then pretty much dry since!! Absolutely unbelieveable considering he was wet pretty much every night!
I love your product and have told so many people about it since.
Thanks again,”


We provided a trial alarm for a new practitioner to try with a child that did not get dry with the wear on alarms and here is the response after asking for feedback…..

“Sorry about the late answer, but I just recently received the alarm back from this patient…
This young boy was very satisfied though, he had tried our wireless alarms and other sensor alarms aswell, and they did not work for him because he moved around a lot in his bed while asleep. So this alarm mat came just in time for him, and now he is dry!
So I must say (after one patient) that I am satisfied… We do not use alarm mats since the last ten years or so, mostly because the market here is dominated by bodyworn and wireless alarms, so I had no experience of the mat. But regarding these problems with moving around-patients, maybe we should have mats aswell.
I am grateful to you for letting me try your alarm. We will have further contact and I shall discuss with my doctors if we can buy some alarms from you.

Kindest regards”

New Ramsey Coote Practitioner

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  1. #1 by Elizabeth Harvey on September 6, 2011 - 12:06 pm

    I would like the world to know how elated I am at the success of the Ramsey Coote bell and pad alarm. I am the mother of a nine year old boy and an eight year old girl who wet the bed virtually every night. After speaking with the wonderful people at Ramsey Coote it was with great enthusiasm that I tried their alarm system. I am thrilled to say that within 2 nights I knew we were on the road to success and 2 months of dry night since there is not a wet bed in sight! It has changed our lives forever and given my children greater confidence and relief knowing those bed wetting days are behind us. A huge THANK YOU for all our future dry nights.

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