Ramsey Coote Instruments was founded in 1956 by Peter Coote.  He found that by collaborating with practitioners he developed a high quality robust system to help children become dry at night. Since then there have been a variety of different models which have had innovations such as the elapsed timer, that have been designed and distributed by the Ramsey Coote Instruments team.   In recent times there has been improvement our quality management system,  clinical research has been initiated to provide up to date evidence in support of our product.  As the only manufacturers of this high quality type of product we have increased business development effort into other international markets such as the USA.

We Take A Personal
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“We care” are not just words.


“We care” are not just words.

Bedwetting Treatment

The Ramsey Coote bell and pad system is well established in a variety of healthcare and allied health practitioners around Australia and  New Zealand.  Practitioner support in the USA is starting to happen.  Our high quality product is sold to practitioners who can help families in getting their children dry at night.  If you have a child that needs help please email us with your post code  or where you are from so that we can provide the nearest  practitioner to help you or,  if you are a practitioner that would like to learn more about helping your clients then please email us

Bedwetting Alarm Research

There has been limited clinical research conducted in helping children become dry at night in recent times.   Early in 2013,  a retrospective study to analyse how the bed-wetting treatment is being managed  in a variety of settings, has been initiated by Ramsey Coote Instruments.  The interim results were shown in an abstract at the Innovation Continence Conference 2013, in Chicago, and won first place.  You can read about this here. This is planned to be completed in the next 18 – 24 months and will provide a great deal of information in helping us help children become dry at night.

Bedwetting Alarm Use (Enuresis Alarm System)

It is suggested that children and families that are keen to try the bell and pad system be coached by a practitioner.  The results from the abstract showed an 87% success rate with 11% relapse rate in children that had nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting at night) in a 6-8 week time frame. It is a good idea that the families have their children checked by a medical doctor to ensure that there are no other problems prior to going on to the bell and pad system.  We welcome any feedback and please contact us so we can hear from you.